Saturday, June 30, 2007

Anyone for Tea??

Coloured pencil Love bird by Jennifer Rose Phillip"Anyone for Tea?" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
5 by 6 Inches Stonehenge Paper

Derwent Coloursofts

rain rain go away don't come back another day. After a sunny start the rain returned again, so yet again the roads are like rivers. Good for the plants, though much more water and the plants will float away.

The little Love bird is finished. I actually ran out of tooth on the Stonehenge paper (first time that has actually happened), so even though there are a few areas that do need to be darkened, its not possible. I could darken the cup a fair bit so if you think it needs work let me know. :) This looks fine on my monitor colour wise so hopefully it does on other monitors. And I would fire the person who made that cup handle, its not exactly the most even looking handle in the world. I would be afraid it would snap in some places.

I love tea, can't stand coffee though. The smell almost makes me feel ill. I think it has something to do with having worked at Tim Horton's. Being around coffee all day you do end up getting sick of it. The one plus when you work around coffee so much, is that you can spend all night drawing and go to work dead tired the next morning. Within about half an hour you are so wired and awake from the coffee fumes you are running around like you just ate 10 bags of coffee beans. hmmm, now I'm craving a donut....

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Friday, June 29, 2007

C'est Moi

Me doing nothing. *laughs* Normally I am scowling at the camera ("or hiding her face/making obscene gestures to the camera or me" - John) . My hair really needs to be re-coloured, would love to get it fire engine red.

Didn't draw today. My hands were and still are really shaky so I took a few pictures of the flowers in the garden.

The nasturtiums are growing wild. Well next time we know to only plant 1 in this corner and not 3. We are going to try to dig them out and put them in hanging baskets so that the other flowers in the area might still grow. I have visions of the plant mutating and growing legs like in a really bad horror movie, and killing us all. It already looks like it is starting to do that. (no, I haven't had any sugar at all today. Why do you ask??)

Also re-potted my daisies to a bigger patch of soil. They looked very rough for a few weeks but they are starting to look a lot better. Little late in the year, but I am still hoping that I get some nice daisies. We got hundreds of plants from that pot, too many that we ran out of places to put them.

And the lilies in the backyard. Later on in the year there are bright red ones in the same pot. The pot is so full of lilies, that when the stems grow towards the sun the pot falls over.

Hoping for art tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I See You

6 by 4 Inches on Stonehenge Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Derwent Coloursofts

I did this as an art card (ACEO) a few months ago and wasn't completely satisfied with the outcome. Decided to re-do it a bit bigger. Still need to work more on the little bird. I want to try to get a really nice deep pink for most of his head. I really like the soft look you can achieve with Stonehenge paper, but I don't like how many layers the paper takes to get to the right values. Couple more hours of work and a few little changes to the darkest parts and it should be done. I don't do many still-lifes that contain cups, or vases. I figured doing something like this where there is wildlife involved would make it more appealing, and be a challenge to make a cup look realistic.

A photo taken as we were driving into town, clear skies one way, dark rain clouds the other.

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Computer Woes

I haven't been able to post the last couple days because I killed the computer. Actually I have no idea what was wrong with it, but its fixed now so all is well in the world (good thing about having a husband with a computer degree, free computer repairs). So back to almost daily postings, and there will be art later tonight. I have to go to the bank in a few hours and see if I can get a business account and need to make sure all the paperwork is all together. Its the only thing stopping me from applying for a grant. So I'm crossing my fingers that I can get one. Once I get back I will read all the blog posts that I have missed and comment on them. :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Darkened Mr.Angry

Well, I still am not sure about the background but it does look better darker and cropped closer. My hand is killing me from burnishing this. The background has a bit of purple in it but it didn't scan. Maybe try this again in watercolour when I get the chance, but for now its on to different art. I have a few more small pieces to do, so they will be posted soon.

"Mr.Angry" Copyright Jennifer Phillip

And heres a picture of a Clydesdale being ridden. Very cool to see in person, I had only seen it before on tv or in photos. I took a lot of pictures of the Clydesdales, so expect some art in the future of the big horses. And of course the Highland cows.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Royal Highland Show 2007

Some photos and a youtube video I took of the torrential rain, that John and I suffered for about 85% of today, John says his socks were squelchy, (then again my sandals weren't much better.) Saw lots of things, could have seen more but we were both tired after a long day and from having to walk around in the rain. I did see how people had their booths (indoors and outdoors) set up, so that was helpful info to have for the future.

This baby goat kept trying to eat my umbrella, it was cute but I really needed my umbrella today so a bunch of holes would not have been a good thing (I ended up soaked even with an uneaten umbrella anyway). For some strange reason any animal that was within grabbing distance always tried to eat it.

Rabbits? Sheep?? You decide.

For some reason I just found this sight and the sign amusing (doesn't take much apparently to get a laugh out of me).

A skeebie. There were a few calves in the area but most of those pictures turned out blurry because they kept moving around, did manage to pet one though. It was very soft. Some of the bulls were HUGE!!, very imposing.

Loved the horns on these (Jacob sheep). Got lots of pictures to draw from.

And this is how I felt by the end of the day :-p

Short video of the rain (very exciting :-p), we were standing under a tent to try to avoid getting drenched (didn't work), so you hear the rain hitting the tarp.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hopping Penguins

Penguin statues outside of the Overgate hopping down near a church. I have never noticed these before, Dundee has actually a lot of outside art that is nice to look at, but people have decided that these need some more decoration and coloured some of the penguins' eyes red. Problem is if someone cleans them, they are just going to end up the same way the next day.

Got the Odin picture scanned. The people at the copy place said that the drawing is pretty light to scan and they will see what they can do. It did get scanned but their scan is really light, much lighter than the actual drawing. So I had to mess around in photoshop to darken it a bit. Not sure really why their scan is so much lighter than mine, I didn't have a problem with my scanner picking up the graphite and theirs did, my scanner was just about 1 cm too small to scan the whole drawing.
"Odin and his Toy" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Graphite 14 by 17
Off to the Royal Highland Show tomorrow, so hopefully I get some really nice pictures and John doesn't get kicked by a skeebie.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Odin Finished

"Odin and his Toy" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Graphite 14 by 17

Wasn't online yesterday, more business related stuff needed to be done and I had to work more on this. :) Its pretty much done. Still need to darken the dark areas but that shouldn't take that long. The back leg that he is laying on is going to be pretty much completly in shadow, so the basic lines where just laid down to save time.

Way too big for the scanner, so had to do a rough patch job. Not sure if I can get a better one but I will try tomorrow. If not I'm going to have to try to get a picture of it.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Odin Grows Legs

"Odin and his Toy" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Graphite 14 by 17 Inches

His legs still need more shading, but the basic shading is laid down. So far I have only used a 2H clutch pencil, once I have used that on the whole piece than I will switch to a different value. Need to darken up the middle area so the legs look like they are in the right position instead of looking almost on top of each other. He has huge feet, kinda hard to draw and make them look the right size compared to the rest of him. The rest of him is huge too (I have no idea what he would weigh), but if I had made the feet any bigger than it would have looked strange.

The hard parts are over, now I just need to fill the rest of him in and than darken his body.

Luka had huge paws too. He would use his paws to hold things down and even pick things up. He used to grab my legs with them when I would go to leave a room, not the best of behaviours but atleast he was easily house trained. Dad says he still does the same thing to him now.

When I had a Bouvier des Flandres (named Loch, died from anti-freeze poisioning. I wasn't there when it happened :( ), I used to get herded into the kitchen or he would circle around me when I was outside. He tried to herd the horses in the pasture next door, and the stallion turned up and chased him away. I had never seen a dog move so fast until that day. I love the breed, one day I will have another one.

Yeah this turned into another dog post. *laughs*

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Odin Take 2

"Odin and his Toy" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Graphite 14 by 17 Inches

Another graphite drawing of the neighbours dog. About an hours work, couple more to go. Its a lot bigger than I had planned, but I had to use the bigger paper due to the height of his toy. Its a full body drawing of him laying down, and he does look cross eyed but it really is like that in the ref. picture. I need to darken the far eye up, and fix it so it doesn't look so cross eyed. Working this size I think is actually easier, I can be a little more loose with the pencil strokes so it gets finished quicker.

Its actually pretty funny to watch him lay down. His owner just says "down" and he throws his whole body to the ground, unless you have an orange in your hands and than the drool starts to flow. I thought our Rottie was the only one who would do anything for an orange until a few weeks ago when I told Odin's owner about Luka eating oranges. She brought out an orange and you would have thought she had a piece of prime steak in her hand there was so much drool. His eyes never left that peice of fruit. The joys of dogs where even your fruit can be stolen off the table while your back is turned, while the piece of bacon still sits there. That is, until you get up to see if the orange rolled off the table and than the bacon goes the same way as the orange.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Messed up Mr.Angry

"Mr.Angry" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So this is the messed up leopard drawing. I think the background is the wrong colour and really doesn't go with the leopard. It was a nice swirly blend of light blues, and light aqua colours, but I thought it was maybe a little too light and now its too dark and you can't see the aqua colours at all. I didn't finish his neck, so that does look a little strange. I did think about just leaving the background as the light grey paper colour but the leopard was almost lost on the paper.

I'm posting it so that if anyone has any suggestions about how to maybe make this look a lot better they might suggest something. This is a complete A4 un-cropped scan, if I did finish this I would def. crop it. I though about making the background darker than it is, don't think that would make it any worse. If I did do that, I would finish the leopard and make his dark values darker. And fix the right eye so its darker, have more of a shadow under his brow so he doesn't look so cross eyed *laughs*

Live and learn. I don't mind making mistakes, learn more from messing up than having every drawing turn out the way I wanted.

Finished 5 pieces of line art plus started to transfer that Scarab onto paper that I can use ink on. I like when I have days where I get lots of drawings done, or lots of different pieces of line art completed, means I can spend the rest of the week colouring and working on personal art.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lovely Burple Flowers

I just love the colour of these. Reminds me of the grape flavored Kool-Aid. Can't get Kool-Aid here, lots of other things to drink but I do miss the sugar filled drink sometimes. Even though grape was always the last colour (I can't really call them flavors, the flavor has more to do with the amount of sugar you put in your juice jug than the actual packet of juice crystals), that anyone would drink. It was always the pack stuffed in the back of the drawer and we reluctantly used it when we got bored drinking water, and used 2 cups of sugar to try to make it taste better. Probably would have been better to just eat the bag of sugar.

I never got to try dying my hair with Kool-Aid, way too dark. I had friends though that would come to school with bright coloured hair, and smelled like strawberry-kiwi juice.

Business stuff done for the week, Art tomorrow......YAY!!