Monday, June 05, 2017

Finished Dragon

Finished the drawing of the dragon I started last week. I might try to paint it digitally since I can't really add paint to this sketchbook paper without it wrinkling, but I have other things to finish first before I do that.

A close up of the cross hatching. Using quick fast lines helps create a gradient effect,which creates shading with the ink pens. I prefer really hard pen nibs, they work the best for me but its worth experimenting to find out what works the best for you.


Neesie said...

He is magnificent Jennifer. The cross hatching adds so much dimension.
I'm imagining him with colour now. Whether with or without colour he's brilliant :D

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Neesie :) hoping i can find the time to at least see what he might look like coloured :)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What a gorgeous dragon! I love him.

Chris Lally said...

Wow!!! Beautiful!