Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Scribble Picnic-Bird

This week I finally had time to participate in the Scribble Picnic art challenge, and the theme this week was bird, and since I have been sketching birds for over a 100 days I could have just used hem for this challenge, but thats cheating lol

I decided I really needed to get back into 3D work so thought creating a griffin/gryphon for this challenge could work. Its half bird so should count right??

I didn't end up finishing it, nowhere near finished actually but I do plan on completing it hopefully sooner rather than later.

The above is a rough sketch. I just wanted to have a very rough idea of what I was going to try to make.

Creating the basic shapes with Zspheres. There are other ways to do this, but I find this method the easiest for me.

Hitting the "a" key you get a rough fleshed out model.

Adding "clay" to the base model to build it up.

Putting in the very rough details.This is really just to give me an idea of what I am going to do with the model.

The Giffrin's head roughly fleshed out. I want to add some feathers to him but need to make the feathers separately but once I make them, I can use them again and again on different builds.


Christine said...

This is very creative Jennifer, nice work!

lissa said...

so this is done with a computersoftwere then? it's quite creative to combine two different types of birds.

have a lovely day.

Michael said...

Wow, Jennifer, this is a first! computer 3D rendered anything. how fun. I love that idea and the direction this Griffin is going. The head is looking great. I have never tried anything like this but love that you have. Also, WELCOME to Scribble Picnic. Great to have you on board. And yes, it is appreciated that you actually did something specifically for the theme. Extra kudos there then. Thanks again. I do hope you join us next week. new themes are going up later tonight.

Lorraine said...

Well, your sketch is great and I can't wait to see the finished product. You've captured my curiosity about this process. Thanks for sharing.

Alexandra MacVean said...

Great work, Jen. I love your sketch and your 3D looks SO real and as if you carved it out of wood. Lovely to see you here! :)

June Walker said...

The griffin's head is beautiful.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Christine :)

lissa, this is done with Zbrush, nice program but can be a tad buggy sometimes :/

thank you Micheal :) Just saw the themes, I will hopefully have the time to do something for them, probably not 3D tho, quicker to draw lol :) I've wanted to make something for Scribble Picnic and finally have the time with it being summer :)

thank you Lorraine :)

Alexandra, thank you :) you can actually get a material that looks like wood and gives the model a grainy effect. I will see if I can find it and show what it looks like with this when finished :)

thanks June :)

joeks said...

How interesting! I've heard of 3D printers, so is this something you would use one of those to make an actual figurine with? Or do you just use the program to make it Look like it's 3D but is actually printed flat on paper? Looks great, and welcome to the Picnic!

Tammie Lee said...

The words: scribble picnic make me think: sketch
Great sketch and then what you did with it! Wow!
I agree, half bird counts.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Oh how wonderful!

Serena Lewis said...

Great to see you on the Scribble Picnic group, Jen! Your Gryphon rendering is looking fabulous! Your skills with 3D rendering are amazing...I'm totally in awe.

How are you doing pain-wise now? I hope it's all eased for you.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

joeks, you can use this program to create figures to print in a 3D printer, sometimes you have to use another program to change a file from this program (ZBrush) to a file format that the printer will read but the figure would still look the same printed :)

thanks you Tammie :)

thanks Lisa :)

Serena, thanks :D