Saturday, September 02, 2017

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Solar LotterySolar Lottery by Philip K. Dick
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more of a 3.5

Fast page turner like most of Dick's novels are. You can definitely tell this was written before the drugs really messed with his head, I think he wrote better high as a kite, there are parts of this book that are very "clunky", and just wordy for the sake of being wordy. I have always found him better at creating the worlds in his book over the characters, this book is no exception. Interesting idea about a lottery and serf society and how it works, or doesn't work really. Would have liked to know more about what happened to the people on the ship but I think they really only serve to reinforce the idea of individuality and creating your own future. But the sub plot really doesn't need to be there, actually felt it took me out of the main plot.

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Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I'm not sure if I've read his books but it sounds interesting, thanks for the review!